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EVP - Enterprise Value Planning

Power of a Digital Twin Duplicating your Business

By utilizing a digital twin of your organization's business, Enterprise Value Planning (EVP) offers a groundbreaking platform for running various scenarios, stress tests, Pricing, optimization models, Risk Controls and more.

EVP future proofs the organisation from enhanced forecasting to managing IFRS. By Integrating the prudential framework, VPS supports regulatory reporting and a range of prudential tools.




Greater Returns

Less Risk

Decisions You Trust

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Imagine a Future where you depend on AI analysts instead of dealing with slow, distrusted, manual reporting and analysis.

Product Features

Risk & Regulation

Suite of tools across Prudential Returns, Asset Liability Management, Stress Testing, Capital Planning, Risk Controls and more to meet Risk and Regulatory Requirements


Rolling Forecasts, Portfolio and Product Planning, Mine Models, Campaign Models, Scenario Planning, Optimise Returns on Capital, Pricing Strategy, ..


Use of a cause-and-effect model against existing and future acts to present more realistic futures than extrapolation forecasts. Aligns with IFRS requirements.


Use of the model and advanced scenarios to calculate optimum portfolio mixes, pricing, use of capital and more.

Smart Embedded

in Traditional

A traditional environment for forecasting, budgeting, reporting, repricing, optimisation,

regulatory returns, stress testing, scenarios, ...

Built on smarts of a digital twin and AI.

Using low code development to rapidly develop customised solutions

And providing SaaS solutions for market segments like community banking.

Client Solutions

A range of solutions in Mining, Government, Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services

Transformation of second line defence risk controls with a potential €1m savings. A Proof of concept to demonstrate how to automate processes and integrate AI. Global banks have a million plus spreadsheet managing tasks like these.

Transforming campaign management and stock management for Global German media conglomerate. Grew average campaign revenue whilst reducing millions of dollars of write offs each years

Digital transformation of risk and regulatory process with AI being developed to ensure integrity of prudential returns and next step to optimise margin.

Immediate Impact

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