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to make smart decisions

Contrary to expectations, decision-making has taken a step back, with data and AI making decisions harder and more complex

How could we optimize


If we want humans to make better decisions,

then we need systems to work the way humans thing

Decision makers are

humans not machines

“95% of leader are agonizing over decisions as data is not designed for how humans evaluate”

We make decisions on incomplete and intangible knowledge

(We call outsights)

Leaders decide on intuition and instinct using “what-ifs”

to test their judgement (scenarios)

What leaders want is transparency, due diligence, risk evaluation.

To have the confidence of no surprises, no disasters.

Double Exposure Woman and Polygonal Space

Future decision making

with AI assistance

Imagine asking AI “What-If”

and get results in seconds

For AI to answer those questions, it needs a model that understands the internal business model, business plans, what has happened and the regulatory framework.

Now this is possible with EVP - Enterprise Value Planning.

Replacing report based reporting and decision support, with a dynamic model that leaders can interrogate with the support of AI.

OK it may be harder to do,

but shortcuts are costly

Do not allow limited tools and spreadsheets destroy your career.

The quick way is not always the best way

“The quick solution was a spreadsheet that 10 years later is still a pain”

“Weeks and $100K later you get a response from the analytics team”

“Employees wanted to do reports their way and then left with the knowledge”

“OMG - they exposed medical details of 3 million staff to the internet”

“Having to explain the £46m regulatory fine for repeated misreporting”

  • $400bn is lost a year in ineffective decision making
  • $3tn is lost in bad decisions
  • 84% of organizations use over 100 spreadsheets in critical decisions

The quick shortcuts costs money and costs careers.

Stop the quick and Dirty

that costs more and is error prone

Start using AI with a proper system that gives right answers with less effort and cost.

What is Enterprise Value Planning

EVP is an enterprise system for the non-operational activities of an organisation that are critical for good management.

Types of activities included:

Regulatory returns, rolling forecasts, deal management, portfolio management, Asset Liability Management, capital optimisation, repricing, stress testing, business planning, FP&A, scenarios, risk management, cash flow management, IFRS reporting, construction management, retail optimisation, and more ...


  • 70% increase in productivity
  • Increased margin and growth
  • Confidence in decisions
  • Fewer surprises

The model that enables AI to support decisions

Product Features

Risk & Regulation

Suite of tools across Prudential Returns, Asset Liability Management, Stress Testing, Capital Planning, Risk Controls and more to meet Risk and Regulatory Requirements


Rolling Forecasts, Portfolio and Product Planning, Mine Models, Campaign Models, Scenario Planning, Optimise Returns on Capital, Pricing Strategy, .


Use of a cause-and-effect model against existing and future acts to present more realistic futures than extrapolation forecasts. Aligns with IFRS requirements.


Use of the model and advanced scenarios to calculate optimum portfolio mixes, pricing, use of capital and more.

Immediate Impact

in Tough Conditions

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